Tap The App Carnival Game

Hopper's Houses

$ 175.00

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This table level skill game is a fantastic choice for all ages, and sure to generate smiles and create a conversation piece at your next!
This bright & colourful electronic skill game is a magnetic style, social media icon pick up game, similar to the classic household board game “Operation.” Tap the App is game of skills; utilizing your ability to combine hand stability and control, speed, accuracy and concentration. As you try to pick up the metal icons with the magnetic tap wand, carefully lift the icon without touching the edges, because if you do, the beeper will sound and a fail-point will be added to your total! The person with the least amount of points wins!
With some of the most recognizable computer, cell phone, and tablet social media application images & icons, Tap the App is completely unique and stylish, and sure to impress your guests with its creative design, engaging functionality, and includes a relevancy in today’s pop culture that makes the game that much more exciting