Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reserve an inflatable?

Click on the Rental Request tab on the top of the page or call us at (734)726-0055.  We will try to respond within 24 hours. We strongly recommend that you book your rental as soon as you know your event date.


Does the rental price cover the delivery, set up and tear down?

No, the rental price does not include delivery set-up.  With the rising price of gas and vehicle maintenance we now charge a small delivery & set up fee for tents, and inflatables. This fee, typically 20%, is added to the overall invoice.   As every party is different, we do not set up tables and chairs. To avoid extra fees, have the tables and chairs stacked and clean prior to pick up. Events outside of our standard delivery area may have a high percentage.

Can I pick-up, set-up and tear down the inflatable?

We set-up and tear down all inflatables.  Our insurance policy demands this.  We do have a few non-inflatable items that can be picked up if ordered as a standalone.  

Our event is over a Holiday is there an extra charge for this?

We reserve the right to add a holiday fee to your rental. This would be done at the time of booking your event before you make your deposit. We generally have to pay our employees a higher rate on these days.

When do you set up tents and inflatables?

Tents are set up on Thursday and Fridays for weekend rentals unless other arrangements have been made. Some of the lager events my have to be set up on Wednesday. Inflatables are set up on the day of the event and picked up the same day. Other arrangements may be made due to inclement weather. 

Who is in charge of supervision?

Once Hopper’s Houses delivers and sets up an inflatable, the renter is in charge of supervision. It is important that adult supervision is provided at all times during the event. If you prefer, Hopper’s Houses can provide supervision during your event at an additional cost.

 What are the weight and age limits?

Our toddler units are for kids ages 6 and under and our big units with slides have a minimum age of 3.  Keep in mind that inflatables are designed for youth. Every inflatable has a weight limit. Please refer to the weight limit stated on the front side of the inflatable.  Most units have a per person weight limit between 150 lbs and 200 lbs and a combined weight limit of 600 lbs to 1000 lbs.  

 Payment methods?

Hopper’s Houses accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover and of course CASH.  

 Is there a deposit required?

Hopper's Houses  requires a 25% deposit of the total rental quote. Your deposit goes toward your total cost and reduces the amount owed at delivery.  Your deposit is not refundable, but we will work with you if you need to change a date or unit.

 How long do I get to rent the inflatable?

We rent for up to 6 daylight hours. We prefer inflatables be packed up before sunset and the dew comes out. Later rentals can be arranged for an additional drying charge.  Thanks for understanding!

Should I be concerned about safety?

Yes and no. Our inflatables are absolutely safe when used as directed. Many are brand new and are in great shape, including regular safety inspections.  However, you must follow all safety instructions to avoid any potential risks. They must remain secured by stakes or sand bags for the entire rental time and taken down during high wind. Every inflatable has supervision rules sewed on the front side. Please read and enforce them for your kids' safety. (See our safety policy for more directions) Also, feel free to ask our delivery driver(s) if you have additional questions.

 Does Hopper’s Houses carry insurance?

Yes, all inflatables are insured! Hopper’s Houses can provide proof to all clients.  

 Do different types of surfaces impact inflatable set up?

Hopper’s Houses sets up inflatables on grass, concrete or indoors. A tarp is placed underneath the inflatables to protect them from sharp objects. Please make sure the surface is flat, clean and clear from objects.  Tell us what surface we will be setting up on so will be prepared with stakes and/or sandbags.

Do I provide electricity?

You are responsible for the electrical source. On average, a fan draws 10 amps. We prefer no other equipment is plugged into the same outlet. If your party is in a park, we provide a generator at the price of $99 per day.  This price includes the first tank of gas but you may need additional fuel if you have long hours and/or multiple units.  We cannot be responsible for the inflatable loosing air because of electrical issues.  If you do have electrical problems, the inflatable will go up in a minute or two of the electricity being restored.

 Can any of the inflatables be set up inside?

Yes. All our units can go inside if the room and doors are big enough.  Our big units require double doors or at least an oversized door to fit through. Please see our inflatable info to see the inflatable measurements.

 What is cancellation policy?

If your event date changes, we will do our best to accommodate you.  If the exact unit is not available on the rescheduled date, we can change the unit to a similar one.  If you cancel your party altogether and don’t want to reschedule, you will lose your 25% deposit.

For the cancellation policy due to rain please see our Rain Policy.