What kind of tent do I need?

What kind of tent do I need?

Bryce McAllister

Tents are more than shelter from sun and rain; they evoke celebration and positive vibes. Tents are a blank canvas that can be transformed into something unique, whether your event is casual or elegant. Every event is unique, so we recommend consultation with a Hopper's Houses tent specialist to make sure you get the right size, dimension and type of tent.

Hopper's Houses provides an assortment of tent styles for every event. From frame tents, pole tent, and speedy tents, Hopper's Houses has all the styles you need.

Speedy Tent Rentals

Speedy tents are perfect for smaller parties. These tents are recommended for use on grass or paved surfaces (must add balasting). Tents are available in white . Sidewalls are not included the base price

Pole Tent

The traditional tent option, pole tents use ropes or straps, side poles and center poles to support the top. Our pole tents are set up alone as a single unit. Pole tents can be used on grass or  gravel. All of our pole tents are 20 feet wide and come in 20, 30, or 40 feet long. Most of our pole tents are all white but we do have a blue and white striped one in each size.


High Peek Frame Tent Rentals

Frame tents have tops that are supported by an aluminum frame and do not use center poles. This allows for an open area unencumbered by center poles. These can be set up on grass and on hard surfaces (Ballasting required at an additional cost). These tents are modular and con be connect together to make a larger tent. Most of our tents come in 20 foot widths. We do have a 40 foot hexagon that covers almost 1000 square feet and can be expanded with additional tents. This is a fan favorite for larger events of 100+ people.


Other Tent Rentals and Accessories

Tent sidewall rentals are the perfect addition to your event to ensure that your guests stay dry, comfortable, and out of the unpredictable elements.

Our tent experts at Hoppers Houses will make sidewall recommendations during the tent planning process based on the time of year, tent size, venue location and other details about your event. 

We also have Ring Lights for our High Peak Frame Tents, Forced Air Heaters, and Fans. 

For more information regarding specific sidewall questions, please Contact rentals@hoppershouses.com.